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Earth Friendly Paper Hot Cups with Corn PLA Lining
We offer eco friendly hot cups made of Paper which are lined with corn PLA.  PLA resin is derived from corn.   They are
disposable and compostable. The cups are lined with PLA for easy recycling and composting.  Traditional paper cups have
plastic lining inside, and therefore, stay in the landfill for a long time. Show your commitment to Green
America by buying these cups.
PLA products are much better alternative to Styrofoam (non-degradable), plastic (non-biodegradable, petroleum based, or
more in a  home composting system.  They should be kept away from the sun and high heat. Research continues for new
technology to see if these cups and bowls can be made from a mix of alternative fibers, to create more sustainable product
and it’s look and feel like regular paper bowls and cups.
Buy Paper Hot Cups w/ PLA Lining
Suitable for hot and cold drinks
Sturdy - no need to double up
PLA  lining for  easy recycling or composting
Beautiful Green design
Paper/PLA cups release less Carbon Dioxide than
traditional paper cups.
Custom Design Available
Product Info

8 oz Hot Paper PLA Cup
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CU-PA-8

10 oz Hot Paper PLA Cup
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CU-PA-10

12 oz Hot Paper PLA Cup
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CU-PA-12

16 oz Hot Paper PLA Cup
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CU-PA-16

8 oz Cup Lids
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CUL-CS-8

Lids - 10 to 20 oz Cups
Case of 1000

Item # EG-CUL-CS-12