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Corn PLA Drinking Straws are better alternative to plastic straws
Our corn straws are made from PLA resin.  These straws are perfect solution for cafeteria, picnics, office supplies or
home event where disposable food service products are needed.
Made from renewable resource, Corn, and not oil
PLA straws are ideal for cold drinks and temperature below 110
Degrees F
Light and beautiful
Use it with cold drinks
PLA products are much better alternative to Styrofoam (non-degradable), plastic (non-biodegradable, petroleum based,
pollutant) and paper (cutting trees). They should be kept away from the sun and hot surfaces.
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Product Info

 7 3/4" Wrapped, .25" Diameter

  Case of 1000

  Item # EG-ST-CS-8W

 7 3/4" Unwrapped, .25" Diameter

  Case of 1000

  Item # EG-ST-CS-8