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It is our vision to make earth, a zero waste planet. We highly encourage you to take a stand for zero waste and talk to your
friends, family, city council and/or board of supervisors in support of this vision. Because, when it comes to zero waste—you
make it happen by reducing, reusing and recycling the resources!

What is “Zero Waste”?

  • Zero Waste is based on the premise that wasting resources is inefficient and that efficient usage of our natural resources is what
    we should work to achieve. It requires that we “reduce” the waste of resources, and effectively “reuse” and “recycle” the
    resources. We need to stop the “waste” we are generating today that goes to the landfills, by properly managing our resources.

Reduce – Do more with less!

  • Waste reduction is the key to “zero waste”. For example, if we use less resources in packaging, we need to waste or recycling
    less resources, and thereby saving money and energy. More information can be found on following web-site:

Reuse – Make it happen!

  • Re-use the material as your first option that would help in diverting the waste going to the landfill. The re-used goods saves
    money and helps in reducing carbon footprints on our earth.

Recycle – It’s in your hands!

Recycling is easy, saves money, creates jobs, saves energy and saves natural resources